Boost Your Skillset and Confidence With Our Karate Training!

At IMC Wetherill Park, we are focused on going beyond mere physical fitness. Our main mission is to see you take accountability for your actions, make goals and find ways to achieve them, and believe in yourself the most especially when in doubt. Our classes don't just strengthen you physically but transform you to become fearless and determined warriors who are prepared for anything. When you sign up with us, you will:

  • Get immersed in a wide array of Adult Karate techniques, drills, and strategies
  • Become more confident and capable of reaching your goals in class, school, and the workplace
  • Shape your overall fitness, improve disposition, and increase energy levels

What we offer is a holistic change in your body, mind, and well-being! Sign up today and avail of our 2 free classes offer.

Improve Your Heart Health, Boost Metabolism, and Burn Fat!

While the results of our Teens and Adult Martial Arts classes are seen physically, it also gives your body long-term benefits. Because of our innovative and well-designed curriculum, you will elevate your way of living and experience more positive changes to your body and mental health! Get action-packed classes and expert training with us! In time, you will:

  • Find a long-term and realistic fitness regime that works perfectly for you and your needs
  • Increase happiness levels and reduce unnecessary anxieties
  • Boost your self-protection knowledge and skills
  • Improve in social communication and work performance

Our program is the kind of training that sticks with you for a lifetime. Sign up today!