The First Step to your Child's Success starts here!

Build a foundation for your little one to grow and succeed in life with the help of martial arts. Here at IMC Wetherill Park, we provide excellent martial arts classes for children ages 3 to 6. Our main goal is to see them grow up to become respectful, well-balanced, and confident individuals! Our classes will help your little champions to:

  • Improve their body-hand coordination and skills
  • Learn to adapt to different types of social situations
  • Become self-sufficient and capable of following rules and finishing tasks

Sign them up today and avail of our 2 free classes trial!

Let's Help Your Little One Become Ready for School!

Our martial arts classes, the Little Ninjas program (3-6), is perfect for your tiny fighters to make big leaps into their fitness and development! Whether you're signing them up for the martial arts experience or to harness their fine motor skills, we welcome them with open arms. Every instructor in this school is dedicated to seeing them succeed. Through time, your little ninja will:

  • Sharpen their mental focus
  • Increase physical stamina, strength, and speed
  • Develop timeless friendships and value relationships

Discovering the world has never been this exciting! Sign them up today!