Kickboxing Classes In Wetherill Park

Our Kickboxing Classes Will Keep Your Heart Racing And Your Muscles Moving

If you're looking for an exciting way to burn fat and build lean muscle, join us today at IMC Wetherill Park for the best Kickboxing Classes around. The high-energy classes are a great way for men and women of all experience levels to stay active and see real results.

You'll walk away with improved striking skills, an incredible new physique, and more self-confidence than ever before.

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From Beginners To Experts, Our Kickboxing Classes Have Something For Everyone

There's a reason our Kickboxing Classes have quickly become the most popular program we offer. They are perfect for everyone who comes through the door!

Our instructors work to include scaleable movements and offer modifications for everything we do. And with a majority of our exercises centering on the heavy bag and bodyweight exercises,you'll enjoy a low-impact workout with high-impact results.

Fitness Kickboxing at IMC Wetherill Park can help you:

  • Build lean muscle across your entire body
  • Melt away stubborn fat and burn hundreds of calories 
  • Develop better coordination and athleticism

And Don't Forget About The Stress Relief Our Kickboxing Classes Can Offer

Frustrated with work? Looking to escape your routine? There's no better way than with our Kickboxing Classes in Wetherill Park.

Drop the worries of your everyday life and take your frustrations out on the bag. You'll walk away feeling more relieved and clear-headed than ever before.

After just a few classes, you'll notice the benefits in all aspects of your life:

  • Improved energy and concentration
  • Better, more restful sleep
  • An incredible sense of accomplishment

Join Us Today For The Best Kickboxing Classes In Wetherill Park

Change up your workout today and see total-body results in no time. Our Kickboxing Classes at IMC Wetherill Park are great for all ages and experience levels. Make the move today!

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more or to get started now!

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